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Kampen Care - Kampen Industrial Care

Kampen Care

In terms of total industrial maintenance KAMPEN has a growing group of satisfied clients served via various locantions in the Netherlands.

Why should you do business with Kampen? That is because it is simply the ideal partner in the field of mechanical industrial maintenance. Kampen is a medium sized company with a flat organization whch allows it to quickly respond to the needs of its customers. With a no-nonsense organization we can be very competative, and still deliver high quality.

Kampen is well known for its 24-7 services.

Every day a large number of specialists consigned for you to quickly and adaquately take care of your maintenance and projects.


KAMPEN can be rightfully called a centipede among those enterprises which are engaged in industrial maintenance. What Kampen can do for you, you are able to explore on the different pages of our website.

The main office in Hoogezand (near Groningen, in the norht of Holland) has approximately 10,000 m2, of which appr. 5,000 m2 is offices and workshops. It establishes the toolshop, steel construction shop and overhauling equipment department, the shop of stainless steel, polyester moldings, overhaul of safety valves and control valves, and plastic pipe installation.

In addition, Kampen has in Velsen-Noord (near Amsterdam) and in Hoogvliet (near Rotterdam) workshops and sites with a total area of approximately 2,000 m2.

For the most varied works Kampen has its own equipment, such as cranes, excavators, trucks, equipment for machining and sheet metal working, test benches for safety valves and control valves, sprayers for polyester moldings, butt fusion machines for welding of plastic pipes, forklifts, welding units, etc .. ....

If you are interested in what KAMPEN can do for you within the meaning of our slogen "we care for you", do not hesitate to contact us and experience our versatility, decisiveness and involvement.