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About the Kampen Mechanical Group - Kampen Industrial Care
Kampen Thesinge
De smederij in Thesinge waar het allemaal begon
KAMPEN Mechanical Group
De meest ontzorgende technische diestverlener

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About the Kampen Mechanical Group

Arnold Bakker

Commercie/ DGA

088 0280750

Kampen Industrial Care
Narvikweg 11
9723 TV Groningen
088-028 0777


About the Kampen Mechanical Group

In 1947 it all started in the smithy in Thesinge, a small village near the city of Groningen. With the advent of the NAM, exploring the biggest european natural gasfield and therefore the construction of the gas locations in the north of the Netherlands, Kampen has its roots in the oil & gas industry.

Over the years, the company has steadily grown and we now have 3 locations in the Netherlands. The company began as a family business and the fact that the current managing director is also the major shareholder, the spirit of a family company still is very vivid.

Anno 2013 the name "KAMPEN mechanical group" has been chosen for the group for the various underlying companies. The headquarters are still located in the north and now we have approximatly 80 own FTEs and a flexible layer of an average of 15 employees.